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Living in The Glen - Tips & Glen Etiquette


MANAGEMENT: Our management company is Regency Management Company. Our manager is Liane Cunningham. Most issues can be resolved by contacting Liane at Regency Management Company either by e-mail ( Liane Cunningham or by telephone (831-647-2442) or by facsimile (831-647-2441) or by mail (Regency Management Group, 24571 Silver Cloud Court #101, Monterey, CA 93940). If you need to contact the board or a board member, please go through Liane (board members are volunteers and want to enjoy their privacy).

PETS: Pets should be walked on the outer perimeter of Glen Lake Drive. Please do not let your pets relieve themselves on common areas adjacent to units inside the Glen Lake Drive perimeter. Please do not let your pets relieve themselves on plants planted by the gardeners. Those plants have to be replaced at additional expense to the homeowners' association. It is a Regulation of the Glen and a Pacific Grove ordinance that you must pick-up after your pets. Please carry and use bags when walking your pets. If you see someone not picking-up after their pet, please notify Liane at Regency. Violators are subject to fines and criminal prosecution for not picking up after their pet. The City of Pacific Grove requires all dogs be on a leash (held by you) no longer than six feet.

FRONT GATE: To open the front gate for your guests, they must call you from the front gate phone which will ring through to the telephone number you provide to Regency. After confirming who it is, push the number 9 on your phone to open the gate. The Homelink system on your vehicle cannot be programmed to open the front gate. You will need to obtain a remote gate opener from the owner or purchase one from Regency. Please contact Liane for information.

GARAGE DOORS: For garage door openers, owners have had success with Overhead Door Company of Salinas 422-3667 and USA Door Service 625-8601. You can repair or replace your garage doors with permission from Regency. Any new metal garage door must be 'almond,' not off white.

GARDENERS: The gardeners work for the homeowner association, not for individual owners. If you have gardening suggestions or desires, please contact Liane at Regency Management Company either by e-mail Liane Cunningham or by telephone (831-647-2442) or by facsimile (831-647-2441) or by mail (Regency Management Group, 24571 Silver Cloud Court #101, Monterey, CA 93940).
Tree trimming and removal on common areas is not to be done by residents.

GARBAGE: Garbage Day is Wednesday. Trash and recycling containers can be set out the Tuesday night before but are to be brought in before Thursday. Please do not mix recyclables with non-recyclables. The gardeners have green bins for organic material only. The bins behind the garages are available for residents to use for your garden refuse only.

KEYS: Keys for the pedestrian gates are available from Betty Lauritsen (Unit #30) for a fee of $10. Checks should be made payable to The Glen of Pacific Grove HOA.

Stamped outgoing letters may be mailed by using the mail slot at any of the four mail kiosks.

The area behind the detached garages is not to be used for storage of resident items. Items left behind garages will be taken to the dump.

Injured or dead deer or other wildlife can be reported to the SPCA Wildlife Division 373-2631 ext. 227 and the SPCA Emergency 646-5534.

Pacific Grove Police Department dispatch phone number is 647-7900.

Our local papers are the Pacific Grove Press, the Carmel Pine Cone, and the Monterey County Weekly. Physical copies can be obtained at numerous places including inside Safeway, outside Trader Joe's, inside the Grove Laundry, or outside the Post Office.

GOVERNANCE: The Homeowners Association is governed by a five-member board of directors which normally meets by Zoom at 5 p.m. on the third Wednesday of the month. Any owner wishing to attend in person may contact the Regency Management Company for directions and instructions on how to attend.


  • If you live in a two-story unit that adjoins a single story, please realize that the single-story master bedroom wall shares your garage wall. Please refrain from washing clothes, repairing items in your garage, etc., during early or late hours.
  • Sound carries easily through our common walls. Please be mindful of loud TVs or stereos. If you have a two-story home with hardwood floors upstairs and/or on the stairs, please be considerate of your neighbors. There is a hollow area under your stairs that sends noise directly to your neighbor.
  • Again, because bedroom windows are on the street level for single-story units, please ask your guests not to use chirping or honking when they lock or unlock their vehicles in guest parking.
  • Please keep your outdoor visiting to a low level as some of our residents may work the night shift. Many bedroom windows are on the street level. Please be considerate of your sleeping neighbor.
  • When disposing of Styrofoam packing peanuts, be sure to pour them into a plastic garbage bag that can be tied shut. If you simply pour the peanuts into your garbage can without sealing it, you and your neighbors will likely have Styrofoam peanuts all along the street when your can is picked up by the garbage company. Peanuts can make quite a mess and they don't break down into the earth.
  • Each unit comes with parking space for two vehicles. If your cars do not fit inside your garage, you must park them OUTSIDE the gate. GUEST PARKING is for guests.
  • Garage doors should be closed when not in use.

Our Rules and Regulations set forth the regulations of The Glen. Rules are revised periodically so please check them every so often.


Pacific Grove Telephone Numbers
Police Department dispatch   647-7900         Greenwaste garbage collection   920-6707
Fire Department 648-3110     PG&E Gas & Electric 784-3584 or 800-743-5000
Animal Control 648-5700     Cal-American Water 373-3051 or 888-237-1333
Library 648-5760     MRWPCA Sewer 372-3367
Museum of Natural History 648-5716     AT&T Telephone 800-310-2355
Recreation Department 648-3134
Chamber of Commerce 373-3304


This page last modified on Feb 23, 2022